Siemens One CEO on Sustainable Manufacturing

ken-cornelius2Siemens One CEO Ken Cornelius sees sustainability rapidly becoming the norm in terms of what customers expect from manufacturers. “Increasingly, customers want to do business with partners who have sustainable business practices and processes. So, if a manufacturer opts to forego making its business sustainable, they could be jeopardizing future revenue,” he adds. Cornelius will be providing the opening keynote at our Sustainable Manufacturing Summit this April in Chicago.

At Siemens, sustainability is driving business strategy, Cornelius points. “Nearly one quarter of our revenue is generated by products and solutions that make a direct, quantifiable contribution to environment and climate protection, ” he points. “In the last fiscal year that amounted to about $28 billion at current exchange rates. By 2011, income from our environmental portfolio should grow to about $38 billion at current exchanges.” The company takes a life cycle approach to measuring the environmental impact of its products and tracks energy use, GHG and other emissions, waste production and water consumption.

Cornelius views the Sustainable Manufacturing Summit as an opportunity to benchmark Siemens sustainability practices and share its strategies. “At Siemens, we are always trying to improve the way we do things. So, at the Sustainable Manufacturing Summit, we will be on the lookout for best practices,” he says. “We would also like to share our ideas on sustainability and hear what other manufacturers have to say on the subject and what they are doing.”

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